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Abbe & Van - My Dream Wedding

“I can not imagine a more perfect wedding than what The Sea Shell gave to us. Since I was little, I wanted to get married on a beach and I'm thrilled to have picked this venue. Since ours was the first wedding at The Shell since Hurricane Sandy, an amazing amount of work was done to be ready for us. The beach was gorgeous. You'd never know that the place was torn apart by a hurricane. The pool, the bar, and the ballroom are beautiful and brand new, the service was great, and the food...oh, the food. My guests have been and will be talking about the food for a long time to come. From the oysters to the ceviche to the sliders, the cocktail hour was a huge hit. I have never been to a wedding with food like this and (unless we attend a wedding at The Shell) I never will. There was so much! We ate and danced and drank and there was no one that wasn't thrilled to be there. At 10pm, we had pizza delivered and partied for another four hours at the same bar in the same ballroom. There was no worry about getting kicked out of the room after the reception's technical ending. The planning was so easy to do. Jaimee and Brittany made me feel like a celebrity from the beginning of planning all the way to our last second at the hotel. I loved the hotel rooms because they are so "beachy". Another highlight was the tiki bar. It was great to hang out there on the following day with family and friends and just talk about what an amazing job the staff did (and also to put together some missing pieces of our memory from the after-party). I could go on and on about our time there. There is nothing at all that I would have done differently. It really was the most perfect weekend ever!”

- Abbe & Van, April 2013