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Candyce & Dan - Whole Weekend Wedding Party

“Our wedding weekend party was all we had hoped for and more. We wanted very relaxed, no stress fun and that's what we got. From our 1st low key planning session in the winter to the big day it was easy. Jaimee and Brittany were very direct and easy to deal with. Emails and requests were always quickly answered. They had wonderful ideas and resources for all we wanted and needed, but were also gracious and happy to work with our out of state photographer and florist who had our flowers in our room overnight. The rehearsal party outside was perfect and low key. We loved how we would get a running total every so often so we knew when to shut down the bar and turn it over into a cash bar. Very helpful in the attempt at keeping some sort of budget. Wedding day was again very relaxing. Knew where I had to be and when and from there on it was perfect. Didn't have to worry about a thing. Every last detail was taken care of for us. The staff were great and made sure we had fun. The resort is super and very family friendly as we had lots of families and teenagers, as well as seniors who were given rooms on the 1st floor so as to not have to do stairs. The girls are very thoughtful and caring in the planning of your wedding. The 2-3 planning meetings really do allow you to have a great day with no worries. The beach location was my dream and the weather they ordered up for us on Sept 28, 2014 was amazing. The best part was spending the whole weekend with best friends and family on the beach, at the tiki bar just relaxing and laughing. We love the Sea Shell and are so so happy we chose it for our wedding. We will be back again and again. Super atmosphere. The palm trees really make it tropical--so much so that a few of our crazy friends pretended to be on a tropical island all weekend. Great times. Food was spectacular and amazing! Almost every guest has commented to me on the food and how it was the best wedding they have ever been to! I must agree! Brittany and Jaimee you ladies rock!!! LOVE you!!!!! I would not change 1 thing!!!”

- Candyce & Dan, September 2014